My artwork reveals environments from my homelands of southern Colorado and New Mexico and inter-dimensional characters called guardians and spirits that I create who represent the elements of nature. The characters are from the stars, and I also paint their unearthly origins. I mix both worlds to show the dual connection of the human being and the spirit as a reminder that all life forms are created from elements from earth and space. My work also contains symbolism that reflects climate change issues and the continued effects of colonization. It is important to honor my Indigenous and Nuevomexicano heritage in my artwork to contribute to my culture for future generations and share my history and viewpoint with people to broaden awareness and challenge stereotypes.


I use a range of mediums, including acrylic, spray paint, airbrush, ink, oil, and digital art. The surfaces include canvas, panels, leather, and watercolor paper. I generally work pretty quickly to try and capture the initial feeling that inspires the painting, which comes from my dreams, memories, and subconscious. I focus on using vibrant colors to express emotions, movement, and energy in my artwork.