My current work focuses on documenting and interpreting my Native American (Genízaro) and Nuevomexicano cultures from New Mexico in a new way that educates people about important topics and history. For example, my Geniziaro roots descend from Native slavery when other tribes would take women and children and sell them to Hispano and other Native families. Over time many teachings and cultures were damaged and sometimes lost. I have been working on relearning as much as possible and creating unique works that reflect this. As I learn, I also make my own stories and style, which build on storytelling and the evolution of my cultures while still connected to my roots.


I use multiple mediums in my painting, including acrylic, spray paint, airbrush, and water on watercolor paper, panel, and canvas. I use the water and air from the airbrush to distort the images and create a chance for the painting to morph how it wants to. I think of water, air, and paint as representing the elements from the earth. 


Selected art prints are available in the store.