My vision is to explore my imagination to find strange creatures, plants, animals, shapes, and beings. I am motivated by the infinite possibilities of the subconscious mind and the spirit, and I try to reach beyond what I see in my everyday life and expand into a larger view of consciousness. My art and jewelry show this, for my jewelry is a form of sculpture that interweaves with all my other art forms, creating its own world. 

I give great honor and respect to my ancestors and where I come from. I am inspired by my homelands of southern Colorado and New Mexico and my mixed Native American and Nuevomexicano/Hispano heritage — from the original Spanish/Mestizo Vaqueros (Cowboys) and Native American (Puebloan, Genízaro) roots I descend from that create my beautiful and complex culture.

My metalsmithing goes back to the origins from when it first arrived in the southwest in the 1600s. It was the Spanish who introduced metalsmithing to the area. Some of my great-grandfathers were blacksmiths back then as well, along with the turquoise being used by Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. The merging of the silver and turquoise alone is the story of the Spanish and Native peoples intermixing in the southwest. From my metalsmithing to sourcing my turquoise stones from the same mines that my ancestors used, I carry on both traditions.

I make all of my pieces in my studio in New York City. I use different techniques to produce my jewelry, mostly the lost-wax and traditional fabrication methods. Many stones are used from semiprecious, precious, crystals and fossils with metals such as silver, gold, bronze, and copper.

Originality and boldness embody my approach in my art. I hope the wearer feels inspired to express their inner power as well. All ancient people worldwide wore jewelry as a form of sacred protection and an enhancer of one's personality and culture. I am grateful and honored to share my art with you! 

-Ken Fury

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