My jewelry pieces have a narrative that revolves around universal creation and otherworldly concepts that take the form of abstract shapes and organic organisms like creatures, animals, spirits, plants, and trees, inspired by my homelands of southern Colorado and New Mexico and my Nuevomexicano heritage. I make all my jewelry pieces by hand using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as hand-fabrication, carving, and casting. I use natural stones, including Turquoise, which is mined in my home area. In addition, I like to use sterling silver, bronze, and gold in my work. I am self-taught and also graduated from Studio Jewelers in Manhattan. While researching my family history, I learned that a few of my great grandfathers were metalsmiths in New Mexico, so maybe I inherited some of my skills from them too? I currently live in New York City, where I make all of my pieces.

-Ken Fury

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