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Yiyi 2023 by Ken Fury
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Ken Fury's jewelry is the extension of his artwork in the sculptural form and is made to be worn as handcrafted works of art that are one-of-a-kind and limited edition. From otherworldly shapes, symbols, creatures, animals, spirits, plants, and trees, his jewelry explores the spaces where dreams and reality merge. The movement of each piece captures the symbolism of growth, transformation, and rebirth. 


Ken's jewelry designs derive from his mixed media paintings and drawings. His Nuevomexicano and Indigenous Genízaro heritage from southern Colorado and New Mexico also inspire him. While studying his family's history and genealogy, Ken learned that his 3rd and 4th great-grandfathers were blacksmiths. Both sides of his family descended from many of the first Spanish/Indigenous Mexican families who came to New Mexico in the late 1500s and 1600s and intermarried with the Indigenous populations, including the Pueblo, Apache, and Genízaro peoples, for centuries—further creating the Nuevomexicano hybrid culture. Ken draws from this history to honor his connection to his ancestors and the craft of silversmithing in the Southwest, which was brought to the area by the Spanish and taught to Indigenous artists, with both groups sharing techniques, motifs, and materials. Ken shows his blending of Spanish and Indigenous influences in his pieces that are both contemporary and innovative.


Ken is a self-taught artist and later graduated from Studio Jewelers Ltd. in Manhattan in 2010. He makes all his jewelry using traditional metalsmithing techniques like hand fabrication, carving, and lost wax casting. Ken primarily uses sterling silver and gold with precious and semi-precious stones and uses fossils, crystals, and turquoise mined from his home area in the American Southwest. Ken makes each piece with the utmost attention to detail to ensure its durability, wearability, and originality. Ken's artwork and jewelry have been exhibited in galleries and museums and featured in publications. He currently resides in Queens, New York, where he creates all of his artwork and jewelry.